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Sorry - your browser does not allow this image to be loaded KinXerG Limited was formed in January 2007. The company provides consultancy services to help developers, specifiers and users of energy efficiency and renewable technologies. These include 'turn key' services to help transition concepts from the 'back of the envelope' to 'proof of concept' and analysis services to identify the true value of new technologies. The company also develops new energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies, particularly related to heating and cooling systems, Sorry - your browser does not allow this image to be downloaded based on the expertise and experience of Simon Redford. KinXerG Limited also trades under the name 'FHT Stoves' for all work relating to the development of a revolutionary new technology for connecting wood burning stoves directly to central heating systems. More information about the principal areas of activity can be found on the Services page and on the Products page.

Simon Redford

Simon Redford is an Engineer of thirty years experience. His original qualifications in Electro-Mechanical Engineering (BSc 1st Hons) and specialisation in Systems and Control (MSc) have given him a unique perspective of the interaction between mechanical and electrical systems, where effective interfacing and control can often be the making of successful products.

In a wide ranging career Simon has been involved in specialist software and controls development, evaluation and programme support for introducing energy efficient and renewable energy technologies, through to thermodynamic and electrical product development. This diversity of interests has continued at KinXerG Limited with consultancy projects including "turn-key" experimental rig development, analysis of financial and technical feasibility of electrical demand-control technologies, evaluation of Voltage Optimisation opportunities and technologies, and of course the development of products such as the FHT Stove.

Past posts include Managing Director of Energetix MicroPower (now Flow Energy) developing Organic Rankine Cycle micro CHP, Group Manager at EA Technology pioneering energy product development and demonstration including Voltage Optimisation, and various roles related to specialist control and data analysis systems.

For more information about Simon you can download his CV here.

Areas of Expertise

- Hands on, innovative solutions to engineering problems
- Simulation studies and data analysis
- Mini and Micro CHP (ORC, Stirling, IC, etc)
- Evaluation of energy efficient products and services
- Demand-Side Management/Load Management
- Heat pumps and thermodynamic power cycles
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KinXerG Limited Patenting

KinXerG Limited has registered IP for the FHT Stove with priority filings GB0900259.3 & GB0904718.4

From these applications;

UK Patent granted April 2010 (
GB2459348B )

New Zealand Patent granted March 2013 (
NZ 594197 )

European Patent granted April 2014 (
EP2382422 )

Further patents pending in Canada (CA 2749249) and the United States (US 2011/0271948).

Simon Redford is also the principal author or co-author of a number of patents relating to thermodynamic process and voltage control, some of which are in-force in many regions world-wide (assigned to past employers - see CV).

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