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KinXerG Limited aims to grow the company value through development of energy efficient and renewable energy product IP for licensing or sale to manufactures. The focus for product development is robust, cost effective 'enabling' technologies. The first product development is the FHT Stove. See below for more details of the FHT Stove, KinXerG's development strategy and future developments.
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Introducing the FHT Stove

KinXerG Limited has developed a completely new concept for wood burning and multi-fuel stoves known as the Fan Heat Transfer Stove - FHT. This patented technology allows stoves to be directly connected to any hydronic central heating circuit and allows the user to choose when/if they want to transfer around half the stove heat to the water circuit.
- Direct connection, no "back boiler", no "Link-up system", no need for "gravity fed" circuits
- Unique ability to turn 'on' and 'off' heat transfer gives unparalleled control of stove heat output and displaces fossil-fuel heating in the rest of the property
- A cost effective, widely applicable way of introducing renewable heat into domestic properties without having to replace existing heating systems
- Maintains high combustion temperatures for efficient clean burning - 'future proof' technology for heat transfer to hydronic circuits
- Visit the FHT Stoves website for more detailed information - click on the FHT Stoves logo to the left

Product Development Strategy

Simon Redford, principal director of KinXerG Limited, has been involved in many energy related projects Sorry - your browser does not allow this image to be loaded throughout his career, including development of various micro CHP technologies, energy storage, demand-side management, voltage optimisation and advanced control strategies. When forming KinXerG Limited, Simon recognised that although some new technologies may well 'transform the future of energy', it is evident that many technologies fail to live up to their promise or take considerably longer to develop and cost considerably more than originally expected.
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"Electricity too cheap to meter"
Lewis Strauss claimed in the 1950's when commenting on the potential of nuclear power

"1.1 million Micro CHP units will be installed in the UK by 2010"
Harrison & Redford (the same!) claimed in the report "Domestic CHP - What are the benefits?" in 2001

Many advanced energy technologies push the boundaries of existing materials and processes (high temperatures, large forces, tribology issues, etc) and despite showing great promise as concepts or early demonstrators, become bogged down in relentless cycles of development and testing, often leading to reduced specifications and higher than anticipated costs. Meanwhile the more immediately addressable, but less exciting problems are ignored!

This experience and observations led to KinXerG's first development, the FHT Stove:
- Burning wood in log burning stoves is the largest source of renewable heat in the UK and many other countries - push at an open door Sorry - your browser does not allow this image to be loaded
- Often neglected in governmental programmes, but readily embraced by consumers
- Very little has changed over decades to improve cost effective heat dissipation from wood burning stoves, despite the obvious benefits

The FHT Stove is nearing the end of the development cycle with manufacturers now negotiating for licenses. Building on the success of this development, KinXerG is now applying similar principles to other heating related IP developments. The strategy embraces the following:
Sorry - your browser does not allow this image to be loaded - Seek 'enabling' technologies that unlock the true potential or solve problems for other energy related developments
- Choose technologies that customers easily relate to - 'go with the flow'
- Don't bet on complete replacement of existing, accepted and reliable solutions - build on them!
- Utilise proven components with life histories in other environments
- Hybrid solutions often work better than single technology solutions

Sorry - your browser does not allow this image to be loaded Specific developments are confidential, but hints at some of the areas of active development include 'wide glide' and 'large dT' system improvements to optimise thermodynamic cycles and enable better conversion efficiencies for existing systems, pragmatic improvements in Rankine cycle implementation, unlocking the potential of absorption heat pumps and power cycles, and heat recovery retrofit solutions. Given the investment in wood burning stove development you can be sure that further ideas are also being investigated in this area. Please contact Simon Redford if you would like to discuss any of these areas in more detail - click on the KinXerG logo at the top of the page to go to your email program or go to the Contact page.

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